Who Says Easter Baskets Are Just For Kids?

EasterEspecially since I’ve moved away from home, I know I look forward to my easter care package just as much as my birthday and other special occasions. Last year my awesome mom sent me my first package at Easter and it was killer. I remember I got lots of necessary items, a cute sweatshirt, and lots of fun accessories. Above are some of my favorites right now that I would love to see in my Easter basket!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen


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The World Needs More Airheads!

airlcc-2 airlcc-5 airlcc-3 airlcc-4 Airheads is a candy that everyone knows, and doesn’t need much of an introduction. It is the perfect candy to stick in your purse and break out when you’re in need of something sweet and sour. I know I hide my favorite flavors (mystery and blue raspberry) in my purse during class for when I need a pick-me-up! But the infamous candy company has just launched their first-ever “The World Needs More Airheads” campaign. Have you ever walked into the glass door thinking it was open? Walked out of the house with two different socks on? Airheads is embracing these moments that we have in our everyday life and making something great out of it. Airheads is calling all fans to share their own unpredictably awesome moments of pure airheadedness for the chance to be featured in Airhead’s social media, commercials, and marketing. This is your chance! I know I have these moments way too much, like today where I got to class an hour early because I looked at the wrong (broken) watch. Yes, we all have those moments. In fact, my dog Frankie has them on the regular and is the clumsiest dog I have ever met! I know, we were a match made in Heaven. ;)

How To Enter:

1. Create or upload an Instagram video, Vine, or YouTube video of your airhead moment.

2. Hashtag with #AirheadsNeeded

3. Visit Airhead’s Tumbler and upload your video to enter to win! 

Videos can either be pre-captured gems that have yet to be shared with the world or newly created greatness. The top three will be selected and used in upcoming TV commercials with others featured in mobile and online advertising beginning in June.  For more information visit Airhead’s website. airhead *Disclosure: Compensation was provided from AirHeads via HerCampus, but all opinions expressed on the LCC are my own. 


Blogger Spotlight: Mara From M Loves M

lcc_mara2 Hi everyone! I’m so excited to share with you a little interview with Mara from M Loves M!! Mara dreamed of being a fashion designer as a little girl and now works marketing for a shoe company in LA. She married her dream man, Matthew, in 2011 and they now live in LA with their adorable little pup Ginger. Here’s what she has to say..

How long have you been blogging for?

I’ve had M Loves M for almost 5 years. It’s crazy how fast the time has flown by.lcc_mara3

How has blogging affected you and your career?

Blogging has put me in touch with so many great companies, two of whom I’ve worked for full-time!

Where do you gather inspiration?

Pinterest is my not so secret addiction! I could spend hours on there!lcc_mara1

Describe your personal style in 3 words…

Feminine, classic, fun.. 

Share with us something about yourself that I haven’t already asked you!

Even though I live in LA, where it’s sunny most days, I crave rainy days. I love when it’s gray and gloomy out. It’s the strangest thing but I love it! I’m always looking for any opportunity to wear my wellies and trench coat! 

Special thank you to Mara for taking the time to introduce herself to all of you and don’t forget to check out her adorable blog!


Always Evolving Personal Style






denim_6 I have to start by saying I’ve been neglecting posting these pictures. Not because they’re bad photos, because none of Kelsey or Harrison’s photos are ever bad- This outfit just clearly doesn’t represent my personal style. Since I moved away for college, started building my own individual closet and aesthetic, my personal style has evolved. The majority of this outfit comes from my mom’s closet, which she has her own personal style as well. I’m not sure what to call mine yet, but all I know is that it’s always changing. But isn’t that what’s so fun about fashion? I decided to post these photos not only because they’re good photos, but because it gives me something to reflect on and visualize how my style is changing. Can you see yours changing? What has impacted your personal style and aesthetic?

Vest- DKNY Blouse- Marshall’s Jeans- Sofia Vergara Heels- Payless (extremely old) Clutch- Free People (Vegan Tote insert) Jewelry- Vintage Sunglasses- Ray Ban 

Photos by Kelsey McCarthy


Cover Up With A Kimono

WALLLCC-3 WALLLCC-4 WALLLCC WALLLCC-5 WALLLCC-2 Yay for beautiful Spring weather, finally! I am loving being able to walk or bike to class, walk my pup without a jacket on, and eating every meal possible outside. Oh the many perks of Spring in Savannah. The bad thing- the pollen. (Hence the piles of it on the steps of photo #4) I wore this outfit to class last week when it was in between temperatures. It was beautiful outside, but still a little too chilly to wear bare arms. I purchased this kimono for a wedding and have been wearing it ever since. I actually like it paired casually more than with the cocktail dress I wore it with. Oh- and these pants. I scored them at GAP for $10, no joke. Best purchase as of late..

Kimono- Necessary Clothing Co. Tank- PacSun Pants- GAP Flats- Franco Sarto via Marshall’s Glasses- Warby Parker “Nash” Lips- Clinique Chubby Stick “Curvy Candy”

Photos by Harrison Albert