Friday Five | 3. 27. 15

Blog_3.27.15 Grace here! This week I’m really embracing the idea behind Friday Five and mixing it up with the articles I picked as my favorite! Let me know in the comments what you think and what you’ve been reading. Hope ya enjoy!

1. Serena Willams Channels Her Inner Beyonce- Tennis legend Serena Williams is on the annual Vogue “Shape” issue and re-enacted this tribute to Queen B in a copy cat “7/11″ video. This one will have you dancing in your cubicle.

2. The Man Repeller Chatroom: Iris Apfel Edition- I love Leandra Medine from the Man Repeller, but I equally love Iris Apfel. Her outrageous costume jewelry reminds me of my own grandmother who while was understated still owned a ton of costume jewelry- I inherited several gallon sized Ziploc bags worth. I’ll be sure to catch the documentary about her simply entitled, Iris.

3. In Praise of Ilana Glazer’s Style- I just got into Broad City in the last couple weeks and have somehow managed to plow through two seasons. By now, I have a girl crush/spirit animal thing going on with Ilana Glazer. She’s the me who I’d want to be if I lived in New York. Her much discussed style is the focus of this analysis.

4. I Live In An All-Women Boardinghouse- What an interesting read on an unusual living circumstance! I had no idea that this was the preferred type of living situation for single working girls in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Did you know that Grace Kelly, Joan Didion, and Betsy Johnson all once lived in an all-womens boardinghouse?

5. The Lives of NYC Public Housing Residents in Photos- This is an amazing initiative to get cameras in the hands of at risk youth in order to document their history. I love that these kids are learning how to compose and shoot photos, but more so, that these photos get to live with us forever in a real book. Follow to link for more info.

Written and Curated for the LCC by Grace Toulotte, United by Love Design


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Travel | Introducing Devon To The LCC

devon_harman_travel_tips_stories_memoriesToday is a special post for me. I’m so excited to welcome my cousin Devon to the LCC. As mentioned lots before, I’m slowly growing the LCC to include more and more contributors on a wider set of diverse topics. I’ve looked up to Devon since I was little, but even more now that she’s put aside any fears and traveled the world. We’ve teamed up to put together a fun series sharing different tips and tricks, photos, as well as stories from her ventures across country and overseas. Today she’s here to introduce herself. Take it away Dev!

Hey y’all (did I do that right?), great to meet you! Like Taylor said, my name is Devon, and I’m basically just like Taylor, only older, wiser and lacking any sense of style (writing to you in my go-to outfit: gray sweatpants, a Hogwarts tee-shirt and an incredibly large and unshapely thermal-lined flannel that belongs to either my brother or my father). I never thought I’d make it onto a fashion blog without being the subject of some total-makeover scenario, but alas, I am! And I’m going to be talking a little about this super hot trend: traveling. I promise to be cool.  So let’s dive into it, shall we?

The name is Devon. Not De-von. Not Dev-on. Devon. It rhymes with heaven. I, like Taylor, grew up in Ocean City, MD.  I just received my bachelor’s degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA and am now looking to go to law school anywhere that will have me. I lack the commitment to formally declare any serious hobbies, but my favorite food is anything with cheese. I love Sex and the City and my bicycle, and I have never smoked a cigarette in my entire life. This past year I accidently set my grandmother’s car on fire and despite that, my biggest fears are the grocery store and caterpillars. I realize that this list seems pretty whack, but trust me when I say it is all really important if you’re going to be keeping up with me over the next few weeks.

Now that that’s all out of the way, what makes me qualified to talk to you about ~*~traveling~*~? Well, I’m not exactly sure because I feel like I’m just getting started. I’ve been to Central America, the Caribbean and around the United States a few times with family on vacation, to Europe for school trips, to Singapore and consequently the rest of Southeast Asia to study abroad, back to Europe to visit some friends I’d met in Southeast Asia, and then most recently, I took a nearly month long road trip to drive across the United States with one of my dearest friends from high school. When you tally it up, it’s less than 15 countries and their territories, which out of 196, seems hardly impressive. It’s less than half of the United States, and only 3 out 7 continents. But it’s something. Really, I just think seeing new places is really fun, and I hope you will too. So, I’ve been to a few places (notice that I don’t really love the word “traveling”), and the first question I’m always asked when I return is, what country/city was your favorite? And my answer is usually something to the effect of: How the heck should I know?! I don’t! I was lucky enough to go somewhere and now you want me to rank it in comparison to somewhere else?!  This usually leaves whoever asked that unsatisfied, so I think I’ve finally figured out how to break it down. Here goes:

Best food: Penang, Malaysia and New Orleans, Louisiana

Most beautiful: Vietnam or The Grand Canyon and other parts of Arizona

Most fun: Thailand

Place that holds my favorite memory: Isle of Skye, Scotland when I was hiking with my buds I’d met in Singapore, in the middle of nowhere, in the dark, with hardly any water or cell reception.

Biggest culture shock: Singapore, Singapore and Beijing, China

Country I would most readily re-visit: China or Vietnam

The next question I always get is, where to next? For once, I can answer that definitively, because next week I will be going to Oregon. And then after that I think I’m going to Myrtle Beach and maybe Charleston, SC with my aunts. But after that I have no idea.

USTravelOUTSIDEUS travel2

 Also, I’m not really sure where Niagara Falls fits, whether it is in or outside of the US, but I’d like to go there too, please. And like…everywhere else. Some of my girlfriends and I are trying to plan a trip for next year and I feel like it’s going to be Mexico. That will be really cool. But anyway, that’s a taste of me. In the coming weeks, I’m going to be talking about a lot of my experiences traveling, but probably in fewer words than this. I will share with you my mistakes, and hopefully they will solicit a laugh from you.

If you can’t wait until the next post and want to know what I am doing at all times, I will be publishing 140 character summations of the mistakes I make in Oregon and elsewhere on Twitter, and photos of the scenery on Instagram. Follow me on either!

Happy trails, Dev

 Written and Curated for the LCC by Devon Harman


Beauty | Favorite New (To Me) Products

beauty_sephora_benefit_mascara_pore2 beauty_sephora_benefit_mascara_porebeauty_sephora_benefit_mascara_pore1 I’m excited to share an unusual beauty post with you! I recently went on a bit of a shopping spree (read why here) and Sephora was one of my favorite stops. I love treating myself to some new beauty products, there’s something so fun to me about testing them out. I had previously tried Benefit’s They’re Real mascara, so I was instantly drawn to their newest mascara. I was really impressed on how much it lifted my lashes! If you have really light lashes I highly recommend this product. I particularly have extremely dark lashes, so I think for that va-va-voom factor that I was looking for I will layer They’re Real! over Roller Lash.

The next product I tried was Benefit’s POREfessional formula. I applied it after my makeup, softly blending it to match my foundation. The instructions say you can apply it before or after your makeup, but I preferred the look after. I can’t really tell the difference in person, but in photos I can see a slight difference. Worth the money though? Time will only tell. I want to keep using it to see if after time I can visibly see the difference. I will let y’all know!

Any beauty products you have tried and loved? Let me know!

Photos by Foster K WhiteShopbar


Local Love & A Giveaway | NOLAjane

nolajane_boutique_shopsmall_local_savannah_giveaway3 nolajane_boutique_shopsmall_local_savannah_giveaway1 nolajane_boutique_shopsmall_local_savannah_giveaway8 nolajane_boutique_shopsmall_local_savannah_giveaway nolajane_boutique_shopsmall_local_savannah_giveaway2 nolajane_boutique_shopsmall_local_savannah_giveaway6 nolajane_boutique_shopsmall_local_savannah_giveaway4 nolajane_boutique_shopsmall_local_savannah_giveaway5 nolajane_boutique_shopsmall_local_savannah_giveaway7 I don’t know if this week could get any better! I’m always thrilled to spotlight local boutiques but especially  when it’s like the store ripped a page out of your own style book. NOLAjane offers a carefully curated collection of men’s and women’s clothing, jewelry, gifts, furniture, home decor, printed products and more. Owned and completely operated by husband and wife duo Nicholas Witchel and Jenny Jaquillard,  they meticulously combine Jenny’s love for her hometown of New Orleans and Nick’s first creative influence, his mom. As soon as you walk into their storefront their keen eye shines through in the merchandising, store layout, and product assortment. In their own words,

We like things clean and simple.
We like quality over quantity.
We like things handcrafted near.
We like things handcrafted far.
We embrace trendsetters.
We think personal style is essential.
We believe in uniqueness.
We support artisans and makers.
We support community.”

We’ve teamed up to give one lucky reader a $25 gift card to the adorable shop! If you’re not in the Savannah area, don’t worry, this giveaway is still for you! NOLAjane also has an online storefront. To find out how you can enter visit below and be sure to check out my favorite shop in Savannah!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Photos by Harrison Albert


Outfit | Zebras On A Rainy Day

outfit_backintheday_bakery_lcc_zebras_rockstud_savannah outfit_backintheday_bakery_lcc_zebras_rockstud_savannah copy outfit_backintheday_bakery_lcc_zebras_rockstud_savannah3 outfit_backintheday_bakery_lcc_zebras_rockstud_savannah2 outfit_backintheday_bakery_lcc_zebras_rockstud_savannah4 outfit_backintheday_bakery_lcc_zebras_rockstud_savannah1 Happy Monday! It’s the first day of Spring quarter for us SCAD students, and although I am excited for a fresh start and new classes, I don’t think this break was nearly long enough. We did enjoy it roaming around Savannah in the best way we know how though. It was a little gloomy on Saturday, so my friends and I took a stroll to one of our favorite places in Savannah. I figured it was appropriate to break out my brightest blouse to cheer things up. This blouse is an oldie but goodie (last seen here and here) but still can brighten any day!

Blouse- Identical Jeggings- Hue Flats- save or splurge Ear Jackets- BaubleBar (Shop more of my favorites below!) Bag- Ralph Lauren Rings-  c/o South Moon Under & Stella and Dot (love the matching cuff)

Photos by Foster K WhiteShopbar