Outfit | A New Classic Added To My Wardrobe






outfit_freepeople_trench_oldnavy_gap4 Spring for me is all about adding weather-appropriate and stylish thin layers to your outfit. There’s an artful way about transitioning from a time that makes most dreary and depressed (myself included!), to a time that brings cheer so effortlessly. It’s a beautiful time in Savannah, but boy does it like to rain. I recently picked up this super light drapey trench to add a layer for breezy nights or even some April showers. And guess where it’s from?! … My favorite new boutique in Savannah! (Read all about it in this post.) I originally saw it on their Instagram, and then realized I didn’t own a trench! I know, how surprising, it’s a classic. What do you find yourself adding to an outfit during the transitional Spring days?

Trench- NOLAjane Boutique, identical (Savannah, GA) Top- Old Navy Jeans- GAP Wedges- Seychelles via SMU Bag- Cynthia Rowley (last seen here.Sunnies- Free People Necklace- Jules Smith Watch- Michael Kors Bracelet- Kendra Scott c/o Rocksbox (sign up with the code thelccblogxoxo to get your first month free!)Shopbar


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Friday Five | 4.24.15

Blog_4.24.15 This week we celebrated Earth Day, witnessed desperate teens try to recreate Kylie Jenner’s lips, and watched our more athletic sisters and brothers cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon (my cousin competed!). Now it’s Friday, let’s celebrate.

1. The (Genius) Hair Tie Solution – Ah, the hair tie. We all love them, we all carry at least one with us at all times. Yet, it’s a love/hate relationship with the havoc they wreak on our wrists. I can’t believe that someone finally came up with a solution for this problem. It seems so silly, but it helps so so much when you don’t have a dopey looking hair tie on your wrist in an important photo or a red welt around your wrist when you finally decide to put your hair up.

2. Vintage Art Direction From Anna Wintour – Love this roundup of vintage spreads directed by Anna Wintour from her time at New York magazine. My favorite? The Jean-Michel Basquiat and Alex Katz collaborations.

3. In Celebration of Old School Live Journal – Reading writer Lindsey Gates-Markel’s account of her Live Journal days really had me reminiscing. She sums it up, “LiveJournal was a neverending sleepover for us sentimental storytellers, teenagers who were feeling every feeling.” And echoes a feeling we all somewhat have today, “We have only ever known each other on the internet, but still.”

4. Easy Breakfasts From Food Bloggers – I’m always on the quest for healthy, filling breakfasts that won’t leave me crashing right before lunch. Will definitely be trying the green banana smoothie post-gym.

5. The Secret Tax Screwing Women Out Of Thousands Of Dollars Over A Lifetime – Even if you’re not a political person, this issue is one that all women need to get behind. Marketing has us believing that the ‘womens’ brand of something is more appropriate or will work better for our specific gender. Because of this, they are inclined to charge more. Liz Plank investigates the #pinktax in this eye-opening article and accompanying video.

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Travel | Choosing The Right Travel Companions

travel_devon_buddies_travelwith_who_traveltips_companionsHello LCC! This is Devon, and as I said in my last post, having fun should be priority #1 when you’re traveling. Naturally, the people with whom you travel plays a large part in how much fun you have. I have traveled with a lot of different kinds of people, so without further ado, I give you the pros and cons of traveling with…


I can expand on this more another time, but I think it needs at least a little backstory. I once went to Penang, Malaysia on a total whim (booked the flight 4 hours before departure) with a complete stranger named Sophie. Another time I went to Bali, Indonesia with two guys named David and David (meet them above!) that I’d only met once before.


– You will absolutely have an adventure. If you’re the kind of person willing to travel with people you have never met, or have only met once, I think you can say you’re a little adventurous. That means they are too. You have something in common!

– It’s not that awkward. You know literally nothing about these people, so you can spend all of your time getting to know them! Just think, the conversation topics are endless! No silences! And on top of that, a lot of stories and new perspectives!


– You might get cut up into pieces and fed to sharks. That obviously didn’t happen to me, but hey, I hear it happens.

– You could also maybe end up hating this person, but go in with an open mind and see the above adventure-loving pro.  [Read more…]


Event | #SBSMeetUp In Savannah





sbsmeetup_savannah_publickitchen_southernblogsociety What day is it my friends?! It’s hump daaaay! (Sorry, had to.. #sorrynotsorry?) This means I’m one day closer to being done with midterms, yay! This past weekend I was lucky enough to host Savannah’s first #SBSMeetUp! It was a really low key event, and I’m hoping to do so many more that are bigger and better! A special thank you goes out to Amanda & Julia for attending. I am so thankful for the people and friendships that this blog has given me, we seriously talked the whole lunch and even after for outfit photos in the square, it felt like we’ve been friends for awhile now!

If you’ve never heard of the Southern Blog Society, it’s an amazing community of bloggers started by Jessica & Cathy that has proven to be really influential in the blogging world. I have been honored with being a part of it since almost the start, back to way back when when this blog looked a lotttttt different. It was so amazing that they believed in me then, and I’m so amazed that they still believe in me and my little space on the internet today! You can read more about their conference I attended last summer here. This year’s conference is being held in Charleston and this girl is SO excited to finally get to explore Savannah’s sister city. It’s a community that if you’re in the South as a blogger you MUST be a part of!


Life At SCAD | An Interview With Victor + Alexander

victorandalexander_blog_interview_handcraftedbags_lcc4 I’m so excited to today to welcome Josh to the blog today, one of the most inspirational students around campus I know! He’s here to talk a little bit more about his world of Victor + Alexander. To learn a little bit more about that world you can watch the video below. I wanted to dig deep then that and see what else makes Josh tick..

Q: We know who Victor + Alexander is, but who is Josh?

A: I am a fashion marketing student at SCAD. I run a blog and online storefront (as you know, haha). But my life has always been about making and creating. Ever since I was little, I would take my mom’s scrap fabrics and make art with it. My mom and sister have always influenced DIYs on me, and my dad who is a business professor has really taught me how to think like a business man. So I am just a melting pot of creativity and business I suppose.

Q: Before Victor + Alexander came along did you have any formal training in constructing a bag?

A: Nope, not at all! I had no idea how to sew, or even what fabrics to use. My mom taught me the basics, how to thread my machine, how to get started sewing, etc. But after that it was all YouTube, YouTube, and more YouTube. A big part of designing and creating is trail and error. If you look at the first bags I made, they were hideous. I mean, they looked so bad.. But over time the design, materials, and craftsmanship have all been perfected.


Q: You traveled abroad to study last semester.. How did this affect you and your brand?

A: Studying abroad in Hong Kong was by far the best experience I have ever had. It really gave me a chance to stop and think about how my brand could evolve. It affected Victor + Alexander in two ways; One was that I could not take orders while I was in HK. I wasn’t able to design and make new bags in time for that holiday season either. I was really scared that in that time my brand would start to fall off the map. But I tried really hard to post to my blog constantly so that the name Victor + Alexander was still in the minds of my readers and clients. The second way my trip affected my brand was that since I couldn’t work on orders, it gave me that time to sit and think about how I would make my brand better. I was able to come up with new ideas and designs, as well as some more efficient ways to run the business. Most don’t know this, but Victor + Alexander is just me, myself, and I. Although I have the gracious help of my friends from time to time, everything from marketing, accounting, designing, and crafting is all me. So my hiatus in HK was a great opportunity for me to improve the production and logistics of my brand.

Q: How do you stay / who keeps you inspired?

A: I think my drive is what keeps me inspired. I know this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, so I want to keep working at it so that it builds into something greater than I have imagined. I love watching “the making of” videos from luxury brands like Dior or Gucci. They give you an inside view of how their bags are crafted with expert care and craftsmanship and that really keeps me inspired and motivated to reach that level of excellence.


Q: Do your design influences impact your personal style?

A: Yes and no. My personal style is very clean and simple. Unless it’s a special occasion, you’ll catch me in a black tee, black skinnies, and my favorite Cole Haan Chelsea Boots. It’s basically my uniform. My design influences aren’t so simple and clean, but instead are bold. But I think my designs meet in the middle of the two.

Q: How do the people around you impact Victor + Alexander?

A: I surround myself with people who are just as ambitious as I am. I think that’s very important. You are who you hang out with. So I want to be constantly inspired, and being around people who are striving for greatness is really good for me.

Q: You talk a lot about collaborations, what has been your favorite so far and why?

A: My favorite so far has been the Artist Collection. It was such a challenge to bring together three artists in eight short weeks, but I did it and it turned out great! I really enjoyed the entire process of learning from the artists and all of the products turned out beautifully.

victorandalexander_blog_interview_handcraftedbags_lcc5Q: How (in the world) do you balance your full school load along with V+A?

A: I honestly have no idea. It’s funny, because I just got a part time job as well, so now my time is even shorter. It’s all about time management and know what you can and can’t do. Time is money, and I mean that in the literal sense. The more time I spend on Victor + Alexander, the better my brand becomes and the more successful I become.

Q: Where will be seeing Victor + Alexander in five years?

A: Hopefully in a brick and mortar in New York! It’s my dream to run my own store, but only if it’s in God’s will. This year alone has been an amazing ride uphill and it’s only April. So I can only imagine what will be happening in five years.

Special thank you to Josh for wanting to be a part of the LCC! Check out his super fun blog and be sure to shop V+A!

All photos c/o Victor + Alexander