Edition No 2

STREET1 copy As promised! Ran into this chica on the bridge at Turner. She’s a freshman illustration major.  She described her style as “grunge/vintage/eclectic” She is also wearing ASOS, H&M, and Converses. Love this everyday look!

Six Easy DIYs

buttons hem pockets sleeves DYEnewtrimThat’s right. Six easy, peasy lemon squeezy DIYs. I first shared some thrifting tips in this post, and it was one of my most popular posts that year. I thought I’d share some fun tricks to make your thrifting finds more of your own. First, buttons! This is such an easy change and you don’t even really need a lot of sewing skills! I honestly do this ALL the time. At my high school we had to wear white button down shirts as part of our uniforms. Once I graduated I had a bunch of white shirts just calling for some DIYs. All I did was switch out some buttons for a more funky look, and wha-la! Another easy trick is to hem something. You can take a garment to your local tailor or do it at home. I am constantly doing this anyways because of my height challenge. (short people probs!) Adding pockets is just as easy as adding buttons. If you are doing this at home, just make sure to make a template first (I use card stock) before cutting directly onto the fabric. Have fun with this! Make some fun shapes or use some patterned fabric! Removing the sleeves: this takes the most sewing skills out of all the above tricks. If you don’t feel comfortable just take it to the tailor, they can whip that up in no time! Changing the color of a garment. I recommend searching on Pinterest for this one. I have found diagrams on how long to keep certain fabrics in dyes and so on and so forth.. You can also use bleach if you don’t want to run to the craft store to buy dye. Adding a trim is just as easy as it sounds! I’ve seen people hot glue this to their clothes. People, it is not that hard to attach a trim! Any girl should know, and/or learn, how to do this! I hope you have fun with this one! Get together with some of your girls, pour some drinks, turn on some jams, and go at it!

Images via , all text added on my own

Sun Kissed

newpool pool4pool_001 pool3 pool2  So this is what I love about Savannah. It is currently 73 degrees out (in the beginning of February!!). Sadly, mother nature won’t make up her mind and it will probably be somewhere in the 50s tomorrow. Weather down here is kind of bipolar. I swear I’m not being a drama queen, I could be wearing a nice sundress one day and the next I have to break out a winter coat. I guess kind of like the best of both worlds?.. I first bought this dress for my graduation party. I remember being called a “magical gypsy,” “hippie,” and a “mermaid.” Whatever, I love it! Every girl likes being called a mermaid anyway, right? I just love the transparency and lightness of this dress. Can’t wait to loose the jacket when the weather starts to make up it’s mind! It’s kind of a hidden secret in these pictures but this maxi has a cute little peek-a-boo in the back! 

Maxi/ flying tomato via raggamuffin boutique Denim Jacket/ anerican eagle outfitters Wedges/ payless shoes Earrings/ thrifted (sadly you can’t really see them in these pictures) Ring/ c/o Studio S 

Behind The Scenes: My Beauty Tips

BEAUTYFACE CHEEKS EYES2Today I’m going to be taking you a little behind the scenes of my everyday make up routine. I first shared my morning and nightly routine here, which I still maintain daily. If any of you have as sensitive skin as I do, I highly recommend looking into Clinique’s products. I was hesitant at first also, but they are so worth the money. I have seen a huge impact in my complexion since I started using Clinique face products. So, after I cleanse like explained in the post mentioned above, I apply Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. Any moisturizing lotion will do if you do not want to splurge on this item, but I have trust in Clinique now and would not change companies for anything. After this is dry, I apply my foundation. (Clinique Acne Solutions Shade #001) On a regular day I usually do not apply concealer, this is just because I am convinced that it wears off in minutes. Next I apply my blush, which I use Cover Girl Instant Cheekbones in Rubarb. I am not going to lecture on where to apply your blush, because quite honestly, I think everyone is different. Next is the eyes to complete my everyday look. I ALWAYS prep with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I found this little tip from a fellow blogger and have been praising them ever since. I am serious, this tiny little bottle works wonders. I then apply my eyeshadow, L’Oreal Paris Infallible in Iced Latte. This is the perfect shade for daytime, and also I use this to base my smokey eye for a more dramatic look. I then apply my eyeliner, which I swear by Lancome Black Ebony. It was kind of instilled in me to use this because my mom has used it ever since I can remember. To finish off my look I apply a light coat of mascara, Clinique High Impact Mascara. As for the lips, during the day I usually just apply Vaseline Lip Therapy, which has Cocoa Butter in it to make your lips feel all nice and soft. Because I do wear so much lipstick, usually for a more dramatic look, I keep this little trick handy to keep them moisturizing at all times. No one wants their lips to be dry! I hope you can take some of my tips and tricks and turn them into your own! I had so much fun shooting these products with Harrison, and I have more beauty tips to share with you soon! xoxo, T

Photo 1 Taken By Tara Zimmerman, All Product Shots Taken By Harrison Albert