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dc_travel_guide_bars_beer_drink_local6dc_travel_guide_bars_beer_drink_local5dc_travel_guide_bars_beer_drink_localHey everybody, Harrison here guest writing a post on something very close to my heart, beer. Now you may think, “Harrison you’re a man with a beard, are you going to tell us how great PBR is?” No my friends, today I am giving some local love to a few of my favorite breweries and hangouts in my hometown of Washington DC.

So first comes one of the youngest companies to the scene of local alcohol, One Eight Distilling. Their name actually comes from the constitution, article one section eight for you history buffs, which states that DC can serve as the nation’s capital, which they tie into their craft as bringing traditional, well made spirits made locally to the area. I got the pleasure to attend their opening party for their new small batch whiskey. The whiskey is the beginning of their Untitled Series which they plan to make small batches of different spirits along side their gin, vodka and white whiskey. Now, granted I am more of a bourbon then whiskey guy, One Eight’s whiskey ​has a smooth aged taste to it even with the “bite” that whiskeys usually have. To round out the opening, they invited famous chef Jose Andres  to serve a classical twist to the Spanish flauta sandwiches out of a food truck for the event.

dc_travel_guide_bars_beer_drink_local4Next we have my current favorite brewery (in DC), Atlas Brew Works. Founded in 2012, Atlas focuses on creating beer that reflects the owners, Justin Cox and Will Durgin’s personalities and love of beer. Atlas has a notable list of over 6 flagship beers that are on tap at dozens of bars in the DMV area (slang for the surrounding Delaware/Maryland/Virginia area). My favorite out of Atlas is the District Common. For the beer snobs, wherever you may be, this brew is labeled as a California Common, with a 5.1%  ABV. What I love about it so much is that it is a more neutral beer that has a bit of buttery taste to it, due to its brewing style, that allows this beer to be enjoyed during any occasion or meal. dc_travel_guide_bars_beer_drink_local3 dc_travel_guide_bars_beer_drink_local2Last but not least we have one of my favorite bars in the nation, All Souls. Nestled in the Shaw neighborhood of DC, All Souls is a corner neighborhood bar that prides itself on having a neighborhood vibe where people can enjoy great custom drinks, friendly faces and a juke box. The owner Dave, has a list of drinks in order by numbers which he’s hand-crafted after many runs of trial and error. The idea behind this is that it allows the customer to enjoy drinks from a certain period of time while still having  a whole new variety of drinks to try. Now of course, if you’re really stuck on having a #5 like me, Dave will still make it for you. One special thing about All Souls is that they don’t serve any food, but don’t worry because there’s a crazy little take-out place two doors down that makes a mean cheesesteak.

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my little round up here. All the places that I mentioned are all on social media, so go give them a follow and hopefully soon I will be back to write some more about some of my favorite spots in Savannah! In the meantime as Homer Simpson put it, “To Alcohol! The cause of, and solution to all of life’s problems.”

All photos and written by Harrison Albert for the LCC.

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